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We create our Rosin from both dry sift and ice water hash, extracted only from single-source cured flower. We allow the plant, from one strain to the next, to dictate how it will be gently processed, only packaging what we feel gives justice to the originating plant. Only heat, pressure and water are ever used in our Rosin extraction. Regardless of the pressed material started with, you can count on a rich, full spectrum product, showcasing only the plant’s true smell and taste, free of contaminants or solvents.



Our live rosin is made with single-source, whole plant flower, that has been freshly harvested and immediately frozen. From harvest through final packaging, neither the plant material nor the ice water hash ever reach room temperature. By doing so, we preserve the plants natural terpene profile, capturing the essence of the plant at the time of harvest. The result is a rosin that is packed with unparalleled flavor and sure to please any solventless hash oil enthusiast.



Our goal with our Gold Standard cartridges was to create an affordable cart that is equally as potent as it is tasty. We believe we have done just that, combining clean, potent distillate with world class cannabis derived terpenes. To ensure only the purest flavor, we had our friends at Blue River Extracts painstakingly separate each strain’s specific terpene profile. These concentrated, full spectrum terpenes are then reintroduced into our distillate to give them each their own unique strain-specific profile. The result is a cartridge that is both flavorful and delicious from first to last puff.



We set out to formulate an ultra-premium solventless cartridge for the connoisseur flower smoker. Our goal was to get as close to smoking the actual flower as anyone had ever experienced in a cartridge, and doing it solventless. What we found is that each strain showcases themselves differently from one extraction method to the next. As such, we tirelessly experiment with every strain until we find the truly unique and special ones that exquisitely display the plant’s own distinct terpene profile, putting an emphasis on taste over potency. Only small-batch, limited quantities of our very best formulations will make it into our Black Label cartridges. When we drop a new release, we’re confident that each batch will be one of the best cartridges you’ve ever tasted, period.



Fleur D’Elite strives to showcase exceptional flower that displays the truest essence of the plant. We work with our own cultivation licenses to provide both full sun outdoor and climate-controlled greenhouse grown flower. We also proudly support other small craft farmers throughout the state, allocating only the finest hand selected flower for packaging and processing. Additionally, we work with our in-house breeder, in collaboration with nurseries throughout the state, to continually cultivate and provide the newest strain selections available to market. We put an emphasis on strain varieties that are both high in terpenes and resin production. By always maintaining the utmost in clean, quality flower standards, it is our goal that every consumer get to enjoy affordable cannabis flower in its purest form.  



Reserved for our connoisseur patrons, we present our ultra-premium Black Label series. These small batch releases will vary in formulation, with Fleur D’Elite only releasing the absolute most phenomenal selections extracted in the lab. Although the processing methods, techniques, and resulting finished product may differ from strain to strain, the end user can always rest assured that they are getting the very best in solventless extractions. These selections were made because they bring out the best and truest highlights of that plant’s original profile and lineage. All our Black Label releases are available in limited quantities only, and once they are gone, they are gone forever. Our Black Label series is reserved for only the most unique and special of concentrates we produce and we hope that you, too, get to enjoy these potent and beautiful solventless creations.